14th May 2020....


Good afternoon fellow anglers
Hope you and your family's are all well in these testing times, and we feel your pain regarding restriction in the COVID-19 nightmare.

After careful consideration and lengthy discussions regarding the future of Riverside Fishery.
For those of you that are aware we suffered badly with the November floods, which has left us a little shaken but no meens ruined. We do believe we haven't lost a substantial amount of stock although they have moved between ponds and likely we have inherited fish from the river.

We personally feel this makes for some exciting natural pleasure fishing only at this point.
We are well aware the place is still a little untidy but only have the choice to work with what we have and try to generate some income to put back into the fishery pot in order to sort out the ground work, flood defence, stock and facilities etc...

We personally know that all our regular anglers love Riverside, and rest assured we want to move things forward with your help.

We are aware in the past people have helped us a great deal in exchange for free fishing, however if we are to recover our beloved Riverside we all need to pull together and pay our dues in order to sustain the long term future of Riverside.

As from this Saturday the 16th of May from 7:30am till 8pm (gates will be locked at 8pm)
We are prepared to open the fishery for a trial period to see what we can do to help move forwards.

There will be some new guideline fishery rules to follow this post later today.

Certain pegs are NOT safe to use, which we will tape off, and common sense should prevail.

We all need to adhere to social distancing rules. Please treat our anglers with respect, anyone found breaching the social distancing rules will be asked to leave immediately!!!

Also please ensure that you take home all your litter.

Our son Thomas has just left school and we be helping out and collecting with a view to be running the fishery in time, so please all show respect and understanding as he learns.

Many thanks and appreciation
James and family